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Guide to make money online!

Chip Into The Gamut Of Options Of Making Money Online In 20 Ways

The internet is flooded with options of making fast money and with a simple click your pockets would be filled. Well, it does not require any rocket science to do so, your expertise and skill, if are utilized well, can fetch ample opportunities to earn more. If you are bored with your daily nine to five job or you want to explore more avenues of increasing your income, apart from your existing job, at your convenient time, then you can choose from the plethora of option that are available on the net. So, now sitting in the coziness of the house and earning can go hand in hand.

1. Writing Blogs

Blog is in vogue now. Your flair for writing is enough to start a blog. The main aspect is to draw readers and sell advertisement.

  • Writers sign up with Google AdSense, which shares different sponsored links with their blog. Over the years, there has been a steep increase in the number of people who read these blogs.
  • With each click on the ads by the readers, can help you to make money. Increased reader base attracts advertisers. You can go for both full time and parttime option.
  • The best part is it does not involve much expense and technical know-how.Your expertise matters the most as it attracts visitors to the blog.
  • You also have the scope of writing paid review and get commission to promote different products.
  • Some successful bloggers have quitted their job and opted for full time blogging because of the profit they made.

2. Doing online surveys

With little effort and in less time, you can participate in online surveys and are paid well. Signing to these sites is free. There are a number of sites that have these online surveys. All you need is a different email address for the survey.

  • This form of earning is gaining popularity. Thesesites generally send surveys that are tailored as per your profile.
  • Participating in surveys does not take much time. You can complete the survey in just fifteen to twenty minutes time and can earn a handsome amount.
  • Your rewards are in the form of reward vouchers and cash.
  • You should check out for reliable and authentic site and avoid the ones that charge a joining fee as the best sites come for free.
  • You can log in to more than one site for survey.


3. Providing e-tuitions and mentoring

Expertisein your subject, fast internet connection and video chat facility, is all you need to be a part of the internet-based tutoring. You only need to go through a test and have to go through screening while opting for this.

  • This type of tutoring is gaining popularity among students globally. Along with your daily duty, you can also undertake teaching.
  • You can be attached to a site or can even have your own site. You need to teach only for a specific time blocks per day or per week as per the requirement.
  • It does not require much investment. The sites do the marketing for you.
  • A site involved in e-teaching provides slots to the tutors and mentors attached to them.
  • If you are a reputed teacher, you can even go for webinars and lectures conducted on the net.

4. Working as online copy editor

Thisinvolves reviewing the articles, written by other writers, for grammatical and other errors for the Webmasters. These include writings from different genres. You will get paid by them for correcting the different errors.

  • There are few websites that are specifically dedicated to these jobs only. Webmasters hire these editors toprovide an error free content to their readers.
  • This is not necessarily a full time job. You can do it easily from your home and wall you need is an internet connection and a good command over the language.
  • You can even work independently and can hire a number of editors for your site. Only you need to enlist your site.
  • You can even opt for writing e-books, which does not require any investment and shipping charges.
  • With good credentials, finding job with good Webmasters is really easy.

5. Buying and selling domains

Another way of making money is purchasing and selling the name of the domains. It is a very lucrative way.

  • This involves buying the domains at a cheaper price, or at their registration price, and then sells them for huge profit.
  • First you need to estimate the domain that can fetch you the highest profit. You can search various sites and get a list of sites that are not in use but have and then buy them.
  • You should do a thorough research prior to buying these sites.
  • Initially these sites can fetch you few hundred and thousand dollars. But, once you update these sites and make them user friendly, then can help you to get more.
  • These flipping the domain names can actually help you to earn manifold than the worth of your site.

6. Freelancing

Expertise in your field of work is of utmost importance if you are planning for freelancing. They also have to take care of the satisfaction of the customer.

  • Over the years, the demand of freelancers has increased manifold. From data entry to coding, to research, to writing, they are involved in various activities.
  • Across the net, you will find a number of project oriented sites those hire these professionals to describe and work in their project.
  • Based on the project and their credential, they are paid well.
  • There are different websites that focus on particular type of project, so you can choose accordingly.
  • They often bid, and provide proposal so that the buyers can choose accordingly.

7. Through Get-paid-to sites

These sites receive money from their advertisers and then share their profit with members who help them to generate the earning. First and foremost, you need to sign up with these websites.

  • This procedure is becoming gradually popular among the teens.
  • For people who are not sure about their skill set, this is an ideal way of earning money. From playing games, to answering online surveys, to surfing, reading, you can earn a wide range of money.
  • You can log into, more than one site, and earn more.
  • It is advisable to search for these sites well, prior to choosing them.
  • You can get cash immediately in your account, through Paypal, and other such means.

8. Online Advertisement

No space in the virtual world gets wasted. You can sale space in your blog and website for different advertisements. In your site, as the visitor click these ads, you can earn money. The web traffic of these sites also plays an important role.

  • A remarkable rise has been noticed in the business and in the revenue generated related to online marketing.
  • This is widely used among the cross section of people. There has been a remarkable increase in revenue. And this business is larger than those of the other business.
  • The best part is that you can reach people across the globe.
  • With every click by the visitor, you can earn more. There are many sites that have this pay to click option.
  • There are even different types of customized ads for specific visitors.

9. Working as a virtual assistant

For smooth running of business, often you require assistants who can wide a range of job ranging from making phone calls to paying bills. Virtual assistant does all the works.

  • Hiring these assistants is very popular among the small business and freelancers. Coordinating with their client is their primary responsibility.
  • This job can yield you up to an amount ranging from $20 to $45 an hour depending upon you job responsibility and expertise.
  • You can do this job from any corner of the world the only thing you need is an internet and phone connection so that you can interact with the client.
  • There are sites where you can register yourself, and they can provide you with good job opportunities. These sites are reputed, so you need not worry.
  • These professional offer secretarial services, so they are in a high demand.

10. Reviewing SEO online

The job of a SEO reviewer is to assess the search results, and the rankof the client. They use different tools, to gauge the efforts taken by the client, to improve their visibility.

  • Search Engine Optimization is an expanding field of work and reviewing the rank of a particular siteis constant process.
  • There is a high demand of these jobs nowadays. This job offers a steady income. You can work as a full timer or a freelancer.
  • An expert from any part of the world can provide these services. They play an important role in the internet based jobs.
  • There area number of sites where you can get job. The organizations or the employers can hire your services from there.
  • These reviewers play an important role in increasing the sale and business of a site online.

11. Designing templates and themes for sites

With the presence of more people in the internet, there has been a rising demand of templates for websites and WordPress themes. If you have the skill in designing, this you can go for online designing the templates for different websites.

  • With the rise in the need of more people in the internet arena, designing templates have gained a high popularity.
  • If you are proficient in coding and designing, you can get ample job opportunities in this field and can earn a lot by designing the themes.
  • TemplateMonster and ThemeForestare the online marketplace for this field. You can sell your themes and designs here. Your designs and the templates will be sold according to their features.
  • If you are working independently, you can promote your design through few popular sites.
  • Depending on your credential, you can find different assignment of designing with reputed clients.

12. Providing support in coding and other related issues

Providing an array of services to the Webmasters can help you to earn money. Be it helping them with coding or fixing other issues, your services are great value to them.

  • There are number of individuals who provide these services.
  • Some of them are freelancers and are registered with different websites and portals. There are others who also provide full time services.
  • Be it adding content to CMS to build sites, your services are in great demand by the Webmasters.
  • If you are sure about installation, then the other will obviously seek your help to configure them.
  • With the increasing crowd in the virtual world, the demand for these professional is high.

13. Join Forex or stock marketing online

Investing in stock and exchanging foreign currencies are another easy way of fetching money online. There is a host of sites. Across the net that can help you to earn lucrative amount. The sole thing you need to do is a thorough research of the market trend and gain experience.

  • Traders resort to this form because they can reap profit from the fluctuation of the price and the value of foreign currency.
  • With the help of trading software. They can trade from any corner of the earth, at any point of the day.
  • The best thing is that no fixed amount is required as your capital. You can start with nominal capital.
  • Since, they deal with currency and stock, they can be converted to cash immediately.
  • Successful trading leads to huge profit, as a result,people resort to this form oftrading.

14. Through medical transcription

A good knowledge of terminologies related to medical sciences and the skill of typing fast with utmost accuracy can help you to become an efficient medical transcriptionist. They are considered as allied health professionals.

  • This profession has gained popularity as they make written copy of medication procedures dictated by the doctors and other medical professionals.
  • According to BLS, there has been a remarkable growth in this job.Some of them work full time in close association with health care institutions and patients. Some of them are self-employed.
  • Being online, they can work from different parts of the world and connect doctors with the patients.
  • They transcript the report, notes, evaluation done by the physicians, this quiet very challenging. Based on their accuracy, the medication of the patients depends.
  • Since they mediate between the patients and the doctors, they are in a high demand. Patients have high reliance on these professionals.

15. Research for others

On the internet, you can utilize any of your skills and expertise and can earn money. If you are hard working, and have an eye for details and have good analytical power, you can easily do research on behalf of others.

  • There are number of people around the globe, who do not have enough time to do their own research you can assist them easily.
  • You can be attached to organizations who hire people specifically for this purpose, or you can even work as a freelancer.
  • If you are attached to organizations, they can fund you for the research. You just need to work for few hours in the week as per the requirement of the research.
  • These organizations are reputed and reliable, and you can actually fetch a good amount of money.
  • You research plays an important role on the overall work of the person under whom you are working.

16. Sell photography online

Your love for photography can help you to earn extra. But, first you need to be a member of these sites.

  • There are numerous websites that display the photographs of their members.
  • The sale of these photographs largely depends upon their quality.
  • Based on the policy and terms and conditions of the site you can earn in between 15 to 85 percent of the royalty of the photograph.
  • You can even sell the photographs through your own website. If so, you can get easy payment with the help of PayPal and likewise.
  • The sites make procedure easy and simple and make your interaction with the customer smooth.

17. Sell of your stuff online

You can get rid of your various household items that you do not need anymore and are laying scattered in your home, with just a click. And the best part is that you can even earn few dollars through it.

  • When need of ready money, you can sell and recycle your old staffs and earn a good amount. Be it the latest gadgets or the other items all can be up for sale.
  • Since, the full transaction is through net, the payment will be done on the same day. Even the charges related to packing and packaging is also free.
  • A plethora of sites are available that sell the second hand products. You can display your product with specification.
  • These are reputed sites, and you can place your ad free of any charges.
  • People resort to selling their stuff when in dire need of money.

18. Rent out your space online

You can even make some money by utilizing the free space that you have in your house. Be it an empty room or your garage space, you can rent them and make your living. Just post their ads on the net and it will do wonders.

  • There are a number of sites which provides a platform to both the owner and the tenant.
  • Whatever might be the location of your property, you just need to place the add and can earn without effort.
  • You need not pay money for registering your property.
  • Any tenant or car owner who is in a dire need of space can definitely get in touch with you can rent your space. You asset can be a great source of earning money.
  • From time immemorial, assets are used to earn money. With the advancement of technology, the same thing is done, but with the help of internet.

19. Rent your things online

You can even rent out your things, when they are not in use. Be it your vehicle, or your television, or your lawnmower, you can rent them all and can get money. So when in need of money, you can visit sites which focuson renting out second hand items.

  • Few of these sites are for free and some charge a nominal amount. You can display your item on these sites.
  • Depending on the worth of your product, you can charge and get money. If you want, you can even keep a depositso that it covers the cost of the product if it is damaged.
  • These sites display your products and connect you to your potential customer.
  • Without working for extended hours and acquiring new skills, you can earn more money.
  • Another good thing is that the payment is deposited straight into your account.

20. Selling handmade goods online

The word handmade denotes the products that deal with art, craft, knitting, glasswork or anything that you can make at home. So, if you have the passion, then display on the net and fetch money. Initially you can have a problem of pricing them, but that you can overcome with time.

  • With the rise in demand for these types of products, there are number of websites which are predominately dedicated to selling these products.
  • Depending upon the quality of the work, you can charge your products.
  • These sites provide a platform to the seller and the buyer and involve no middleman or commission, and there is no scope of any extra charge.
  • If you have passion for art and craft, this can be an easy way of earning money.
  • With this form of business, you can improve and increase your client base.

A little extra income is desired by all. A blend of skills, credential, knowledge and time can help you to earn through the internet. You need not require much physical labor and investment to earn more. Even time is not a big factor as you can work in your spare time. To make your ends meet, you can even sell off or rent out your assets and other belongings. So, if you are in the mood of earning a little more, use your expertise, and with a click, your pockets will be filled.